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All the strategic intel you need to accelerate performance, enhance candidate engagement and boost hiring conversion rates.


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Empower your team and drive better performance with powerful data-driven reporting tools. Now you can extract key actionable insights and pivot quickly with a clear view of what is and isn't working. Gain a competitive edge with a consistently optimized recruiting strategy built on real talent analytics.

Candidate Flow Snapshot
Gauge the volume of candidate flow at each stage of the pipeline and benchmark conversion rates to streamline processes.

  • Average Time to Hire
  • Submissions per Position
  • Submissions per Interview
  • Submissions per Hire
  • Interviews per Offer
  • Offer Acceptance Rate

Power of Talent Analytics
Leverage a robust, easy-to-use recruiting reporting platform to identify and pinpoint issues in your processes. Make the most of a holistic view of your strategy end-to-end. Take immediate action and realize better, smarter and cost-efficient outcomes.

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Leverage the power of a candidate-centric dashboard with built-in intuitive reporting features that tell the complete story of your recruiting process.